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Skills and Traits

The following pages feature the complete list of Skills and Traits available to players. Be they Skills a player starts with, or Skills gained during the course of a league, all players will have a degree of access to General, Agility, Strength and Passing skills, and many will have access to Mutations. Traits are more unique, the result of a player's nature rather than something they can learn.


Players that are Standing and have not lost their Tackle Zone can use their Skills or Traits at any time, not just during their own activation. Players that are Prone or Stunned, or that have lost their Tackle Zone for any reason, cannot use any Skills or Traits unless otherwise stated in the Skill or Trait description:

  • You can choose to use a Skill or Trait that modifies a dice roll after the dice roll has been made.
  • All bonuses and/or modifiers from Skills or Traits can be combined.
  • Unless the description states otherwise, a Skill or Trait can be used by more than one player per team turn.
  • Unless the description states otherwise, a Skill or Trait can be used multiple times during each team turn.
  • Unless a Skill or Trait is marked with an asterisk (*), its use is not compulsory (i.e., you do not have to use that Skill or Trait if you do not wish to). However, the use of a Skill or Trait marked with an asterisk (*) is compulsory.


Random Selection

1st D6 2nd D6 Agility General Mutations Passing Strength
1-3 1 Catch Block Big Hand Accurate Arm Bar
1-3 2 Diving Catch Dauntless Claws Dump-off Brawler
1-3 3 Diving Tackle Dirty Player (+1) Disturbing Presence* Fumblerooskie Break Tackle
1-3 4 Dodge Fend Extra Arms Give and Go Grab
1-3 5 Defensive Frenzy* Foul Appearance* Leader Guard
1-3 6 Jump Up Portal Navigator Horns Nerves of Steel Juggernaut
4-6 1 Leap Pro Iron Hard Skin On the Ball Mighty Blow (+1)
4-6 2 Safe Pair of Hands Shadowing Monstrous Mouth Pass Multiple Block
4-6 3 Sidestep Strip Ball Prehensile Tail Portal Passer Pile Driver
4-6 4 Sneaky Git Sure Hands Tentacles Running Pass Stand Firm
4-6 5 Sprint Tackle Two Heads Safe Pass Strong Arm
4-6 6 Sure Feet Wrestle Very Long Legs Wall Thrower Thick Skull
Animal Savagery* Hypnotic Gaze Projectile Vomit Take Root*
Animosity* Kick Team-mate Really Stupid* Throw Team-mate
Always Hungry* Loner (X+)* Regeneration Timmm-ber!
Bombardier No Hands* Right Stuff* Titchy*
Bone Head* Plague Ridden Stab Unchannelled Fury*
Decay* Pogo Stick Stunty*



When this player teleports using a Portal, they may re-roll the D6 to determine which Portal they teleport to.



If this player performs a Hand-off action, their activation does not have to end once the Hand-off is resolved. If you wish and if this player has not used their full Movement Allowance, they may continue to move after resolving the Hand-off.


During its activation, when this Player teleports using a Portal, it may declare a Pass action after determining which Portal it is teleporting to. This Skill may be used even if the player did not declare a Pass action at the beginning of their activation.


When this player throws the ball at the wall, they may apply an additional +1 modifier when testing for the accuracy of the pass.