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Post-game Sequence

Over the course of a college league, Dungeon Bowl teams will grow and evolve with every game played; some rookie players will learn new skills and develop as players, others will suffer injuries that may threaten their career, and some will even perish! Whilst fatalities are not unexpected in a violent bloodsport, they can be a trifle annoying for any coach, particularly if the deceased player was beginning to show promise to help settle the disputes between Wizards in favour of their college. Fortunately, the sorrow of loss can be eased by counting the winnings, allowing new players to be recruited, providing fresh blood for an under-strength team, and existing players can be trained and developed into the stars of the future!

The Aftermath

Once the game-winning touchdown has been scored to end the game during a league, both coaches will run their teams through the post-game sequence. This is when winnings are counted and spent on new players and Sideline Staff, when casualties are assessed and either treated or dismissed, and when players and their various skills evaluated and, invariably, team tactics are reviewed.

League and Exhibition Play

After a league fixture, both coaches should run through the full post-game sequence step by step. In exhibition play, the post-game sequence need not be completed.

  1. RECORD OUTCOME AND WINNINGS: The details of the game, its outcome and each team's winnings are recorded on the Game Record sheet.
  2. PLAYER ADVANCEMENT: Any players that have earned enough SPP may spend them on advancements.
  3. HIRING, FIRING AND TEMPORARILY RETIRING: New players and staff are recruited, injured players may be dismissed, and some players may be scouted to the big leagues of Blood Bowl.
  4. PREPARE FOR NEXT FIXTURE: Team Value and Current Team Value are both updated ready for the next league fixture.


At the end of each and every league fixture, both coaches are responsible for correctly recording on their Game Record sheet the details of how their team performed and the outcome of the match. Each coach should record the following information in the appropriate sections of their Game Record sheet so that it can be passed on to the league commissioner:

  • The result of the game (win, lose or draw).
  • How many Casualties were caused (counting only those that generate SPP, as described in Step 2).
  • How many League points were earned (see page 82).
  • Finally, any players that suffered a DEAD result on the Casualty table during this game are deleted from your Team Draft list (see page 53).


At the end of every game, each team receives a fee for playing, usually paid by the Magisterium of the losing college. To work out how much each team wins, the winning coach rolls 2D6; the highest score is for the winning team, and the lowest is for the losing team. Multiply each D6 by 10,000 to work out the amount of gold pieces each team receives.


(see Player Advancement, pages 70-72 of the Blood Bowl Rulebook)


Players are prone to injury, and even the biggest superstars can find themselves looking for work elsewhere if their injuries outweigh their abilities. After all, there are always fresh-faced rookies looking to make a name for themselves for a fraction of the cost! Similarly, coaches will often hire and fire Sideline Staff on a regular basis to manage their overheads. During this step of the post-game sequence a team may:

  • Spend any amount of gold from the Treasury to buy new players from your team roster and/or Sideline Staff and increase Team Value accordingly.
  • Fire any players and/or Sideline Staff who are no longer required, deleting them from the Team Draft list and reducing Team Value accordingly.
  • Purchase additional team re-rolls, but must pay double to do so, as described on page 20.
  • Permanently hire any Journeymen that played for the team during this game:
  • A team must have fewer than 16 players on its Team Draft list to permanently hire Journeymen.
  • If not permanently hired, Journeymen will leave and not return. Any SPP earned or advancements gained are lost.


(see Temporarily Retiring, page 72 of the Blood Bowl Rulebook)


(see Prepare For Next Fixture, page 73 of the Blood Bowl Rulebook)