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to set up the dungeon-a rather ,mpo

Whenever two Dungeon tiles are placed adjacent to each other, there should always be at least two squares connecting them. No Dungeon tiles should ever be connected by a single square - this simply wouldn't give enough room for the players to move through! Additionally, wherever two Dungeon tiles join together, place a Door token between them to show the doorway that connects the two tiles. These are always two squares wide, and should be placed as centrally as possible. It should also be noted that the doorways are always assumed to have the doors removed, and so are simply openings - the Magisterium thought traversing the dungeon would be difficult enough without having to constantly open and close doors!

When both players are bar

is laid out, the two End Zones w should be placed as fat away from 1 1 -

within the dungeon.

After the dungeon has been laid out, the Chests and Portals need to be deployed.

The Chests are always deployed first. Both coaches roll a single D6, re-rolling any ties, with the coach who rolls highest deploying the first Chest and alternating from there. Make sure players don't look inside the Chests, that way it is entirely unknown which Chest contains the ball. Chests may be deployed in any square, with the following exceptions:

Chests may not be deployed in either End Zone, or in a dungeon tile connected to an End Zone.

Only a single Chest may be deployed in each Dungeon tile.

After the Chests have been deployed, the POrta(s need to be placed within the dungeon. Each Jrtal (s numbered differently, between 1 and 6, and idbe deployed in order. Starting with the coach wh rolled lowest in the previous roll-off, players alterne ; deploys the Portals following the same restrictions as the Chest? Additionally, Portals may not be deployed within 2 squares of a Chest.

After the dungeon has been laid out, coaches toss a coin. The winner chooses which of the two End Zones is theirs. With the dungeon deployed between them, coaches place their dugout beside their End Zone.

Both coaches then place their teams in the dungeon and their re-roll markers onto their dugout before quickly explaining the details of their team for their opponent's benefit.

Below are some examples of ways you could choose to lay out the dungeon. You can choose to use one of the layouts given here, or create your own using the rules on the previous page.



From pitfalls and chasms to ancient crypts, and even the chance of some wanderincreatur the Wizards of the Old World maintain are filled with all kinds of perils and dangers. Quite wh shall we say, interesting dungeons has never really been ascertained. What is certain is that it - m up the games played within them! n Pices

Some of the Dungeon tiles, specifically the small rooms and the large rooms, have sopcial mhc

H u associated them, adding to the unpredictability that Dungeon Bowl is known for. 1

Though there is little need for many weapons in the Old World, mainly as differences are settled with a good game of Blood Bowl, many dungeons will still contain some form of armoury filled with dust-covered weapons. Should a player trip and fall, there is every chance of landing upon a blade that still has a keen edge, which could do some serious damage!

Whenever an Armour roll is made for a player within the Armoury, an additional +1 modifier is added to the roll.


Dungeons can be dangerous places and, in years gone by, many will perished within their walls. It is not uncommon for the remnants ofdeS unfortunate individuals to have been gathered together in a single roon ough no one is ever quite sure who, or what, collects the bones toge egardless, this morbid sight can put any player off their game."

Players that attempt to Throw, Catch or Hand-off the ball withie t e ne it suffer a -1 modifier to the dice roll.

Dartril ',mmon Dungeon Bowl players to have odd Whilst neS surroundinS a certain dungeon or room rooms h t Superstit'ons are widely regarded as nonsen. tragic T6 KGen associated with numerous players' unfodun * traglc stumbles, and /ess than their

re-rX'St 9 o'3 'S Within the Cursed Room they may S "S' or a Skin or Trait that allows them to re-roll any nf\


Thngeons used for games between collegi ground, and this can lead to rooms becoming flooded after a heavy ' rainfall. Though this makes it far harder for players to traverse the dungeon, it certainly isn't enough to stop a game going ahead; players are simply told to watch their step!

Whilst within the Flooded Room, players that attempt to Rush will Fall Over on the roll of a 1 or a 2 rather than just a 1.


The dungeons of the Old World aren't just used for games between the colleges; they are still sometimes used for their more traditional purpose when the usual prisons are full. Then again, as they are so rarely used, those jailed within are often forgotten and left to rot - a sight that can cause players to stop to look with morbid fascination rather than focusing on the game.

Any player that begins their turn within the Forgotten Jail must roll a D6. On a 1 or 2, the player reduces their MA by 2 until the end of their activation.

image58.png)THE KITCHEN

Every dungeon needs a kitchen; after all, the Players an kjtchen wlthin doubt be famished after the game. However, having culinary

the dungeon itself does tend to lead to numerous mi of food,

catastrophes, and often players will emerge covere in a feast! drink, and whatever was meant to be included in the pos

Any player that begins their activation within the itche turn. the Throw Food special action instead of doing anything e

of this piyr*

THROW FOOD: Select an opposition player within 4 sq oppoS1tion who can be seen by this player, and roll a D *

Player is immediately Knocked Down.\


Sewers are not the nicest of places within a dungeon-, all thewastea blood has to go somewhere, after all! This makes the sewer a rather disgusting mom for players to traverse, and wading through the contents of the sewer certainly makes those unfortunate enough to enter it an unpleasant opponent to be around!

Players that enter the Sewer gain the Disturbing Presence trait until the start of their next activation.


The Magisterium of the colleges will often store their vast wealth within one of the rooms of the dungeon for safekeeping. It is not unheard of for ungeon Bowl players to 'accidentally' stumble across these treasure ooms mid-game and gather their college an extra bonus whilst they are there if they can.

A player that begins their activation within the Treasure Room may perform the Gather Funds special action instead of doing anything else for that turn:


each time this action ' S acVadon ends immediately; make a note Performed this action e end f the %ame one or more pla'5 pieces- If three or mom VUr team ga,ns an additional 10,000 gold lnstead gains an addition Pedormed this action, then your team Performed this action th 3 20,000 g0,d Pieces. If five or more players g0id Pieces. ' en yur team instead gains an additional 30,000


fitosoirieof the gods are often collected by the Magisterlum and coaches, and placed throughout their dungeons to gain the blessings of heir patron. Some of these are simply an idol, though some (particularly ones to the Dark Gods) are believed to actually hold some form of power. Some players claim that, mid-game, these idols actually seem to bestow

some of this power upon those nearby.

The Chaotic Idol is a 2 square by 2 square impassable feature in this room that is treated as a wall. Additionally, if a player begins their activation within this room, roll a D6. On the roll of a 6, the player increases their ST by 1 for the duration of their activation.

the crypt

When a well thought after member of a college, such as a Magister or 'avoured patron, passes on, they sometimes request to be buried within the dungeon so they can continue being close to the sport they loved, -men, enchantments are put upon their crypts to prevent any Ught- mgered players from trying to break into their coffin.

Crypt has two 1 square by 2 square impassable features in this 'at are treated as a wall, though they do not block Line of Sight.

Add tionally, if a player would be pushed into a Crypt then they are Knocked " 'A a id any Armour roll made against them will have a +1 modifier.\

image62.png)THE DONYOUNGL

Many creatures are kept by the colleges for their studies, as mascots for their Dungeon Bowl teams. They are often housed within the dungeon, and it is not always wise to disturb them mid-game! A partly favourite creature of many teams are Dragon younglings - and those who stumble upon their lair are likely to feel the fiery wrath of the Dragon

The Dragon Youngling is a 2 square by 2 square impassable feature in this room that is treated as a wall, though it does not block Line of Sight. Additionally, any player that begins their activation within the Dragon Youngling's Lair must roll a D6. On a 5+ that player is immediately Knocked Down. This will only cause a Turnover if the player was holding the ball.

To add an extra bit of spice to the game, and to appease the co/iege's sponsors, some Wizards like to feature a flaming chasm running across one of the rooms that is only crossable by a lone rope bridge. Not only is this a rather spectacular sight, but it is also potentially deadly to those that fall into it.

The Fiery Chasm is a 1 square by 4 square impassable feature in this room, though it does not block Line of Sight. It also has a rope bridge across it that takes up a single square; this can be crossed as normal.

Any player that is pushed into the Fiery Chasm automatically suffers a Casualty result; roll on the Casualty table for them. Additionally, should the ball land in one of the squares of the Fiery Chasm, scatter it another square that it is no longer in the Fiery Chasm.


The six Chests are deployed around the dungeon as described on page 24. One of these will contain the football, whilst the other five will contain an explosive magical spell.


ack when the game of Dungeon Bowl was first invented, the Magisterium realised that they would need to tweak some of the more traditional rules of Blood Bowl to suit the more unique setting of the dungeon and to add that extra bit of excitement to the game. One of these changes was to remove the usual kick-off; it wouldn't really work with the low ceilings in many rooms of the dungeon.

Instead, a number of identical chests are placed around the dungeon that the players will need to locate. One of these chests will include the all- important football; however, the others are fitted with a spectacular, though (usually) non-lethal, magical spell that will explode in the face of whoever should open it!

Players may not move over a Chest, it is essentially an impassible feature that does not block Line of Sight. A player that finishes a Move action (but not as part of a Blitz action) in a square adjacent to a Chest, and who is not Marked 'when they finish their Move action, may choose to open the Chest. When a Player opens a Chest, remove the lid of the model to see what is inside.

'f the Chest contains the football, then the player immediately gains Possession of the ball and their activation ends immediately. The Chest is - removed from play and the square it was in becomes a normal square.

e Kls emPty, the player has set off one of the magical booby traps the'chP'aCe by the Magisterium prior to the game. The player who opened Down and a" players adjacent to the Chest, are immediately Knocked

has an mour ro" ls made for each of them. After the Armour roll

square ft made fr each player' the Chest is then removed from play and e was in becomes a normal square.

has been t P'aers maY still continue to open Chests even after the ball PPosition Ta 'n acT this is a good way to cause extra damage to the bali carri2r' aP5 even knock over key players such as Big Guys or

n?lease don,t wplode. Please don't explode.

Please don't expl-"

Ho/bo Crumb/efoot, right before the chest exploded in his face


What they came up with was the use of magical TTT 'n eVery game f Dun§eon Bowl' there a of these mystical spells placed around the at speed Z7 f ' ' them df f iP ' "" a playe' ent one of these "TOh of the others the*

dynamic and exerting Z Z T *


the player is immediately toi d t0' 3 Prtal ro" a D6J wneponding number. POrted 'the prt=l with the


Xr ' *Z f their M--ent att.vabon (if they h ' « carry on with their tFIV use a Portal W. of course). Should a y* -cal p0wers once during a team turn

' pushed into a Portai ..

mal lf the plaver'they wi" be

u'roiu0 Dow"

-' 'he dungeon.

he scattered

" the Ch*n\ tHayer, hi ' ""'"'s onto\ " X try Io



player, it will result in a Chain Reaction Th6a8** was originally occupying the Portal will be TW' themselves to another Portal - which 2 ?

another Chain Reaction. 7 S"'"

Remember that if a player is teleported more fa, once in an activation, they will suffer an Injury roll.

**MAGIULMi\HAP22222ZTr **

Teleportation spells are not perfect, and can be temperamental at best. There is always a chance that a player simply doesn't materialise after being teleporter. To represent this, if a player that is being teleported rolls the same number as the Portal they are being teleported from, they will suffer a Magical Mishap. For example, 3 player on Portal number 3 rolled a 3 on the D6.

When this happens, the player is removed from the dungeon and will take no further pari in the game. 1 p have been teleported to elsewhere in the college but remain unharmed; and will be located by their college - Wizards once the game is completed. A Magical - does not cause a Turnover.

Should a player with the ball suffer a Magical ' - y the ball will not also disappear - being far more imp than the players, the ball has been enchanted to Pc" it from such instances' Instead, the ball will simpb scatter one square from the Portal.


Each college's dugout contains its own one-wa\ a w more players to enter the dungeon. Once r I a coach may teleport a single player from their dL 1 n o the dungeon, in the same manner as if they 3 n ered a Portal, with the exception that they ' I ove further that turn. The team that has the f I nnot teleport a player in on their first team tu\ r

ro11 the same number as they I

Into n orta,s aren't numbered), players being h - them JetldUn8eon cannt suffer a Magical Mishap never 1 Ca cause a Chain Reaction. Player 1 er be teleported back into a dugout.

Bowl ln d standard game of Blood Bowl. a I

hey can "' haVe as many P,dyers in the dung a b'am w ZOrt "' however, in practice, it is u 'nchtiow,, 16 ab,e to get all 16 into play before 3*