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Welcome to the world of Blood Bowl, the game of fantasy football!

In Blood Bowl, you take the role of coach of your very own team, leading 11 armoured, spike-adorned, blood-thirsty maniacs onto the pitch where you'll be seeking to defeat your rivals in as entertaining and violent a manner as possible! If you're lucky, you'll earn fame, fortune and the adulation of your fans along the way!

In this book you will find everything you need to know to play the great game. From the core mechanics to the complexities of league play and more besides, this book has it all covered. In addition to the game rules, you'll find Inducements, full and complete lists of Skills and Traits, in-depth rules for player progression over the course of a season, team rosters, rules for using Star Players, referees and more besides!

So, strap on your spiked helmet and ready your game face; practice is over and it's time to play Blood Bowl!

  • "Good evening! I'm Bob Bifford, welcoming you once again to an evening of thrilling sports action! You join a capacity crowd, eagerly anticipating this clash of champions. Before kick-off we've just got time to recap recent events for the benefit of anyone who has been living under a stone (and a hearty good evening to Snotlings everywhere!), and to do that I'm joined as ever by Jim Johnson. Evening, Jim!"

  • "Thank you, Bob! Well, good evening, and boy, are you folks in for a great night of top-class sporting entertainment! And first, let me just say that it's been quite the season so far, isn't that so, Bob?"

  • "How right you are, Jim!"

  • "It's been a tumultuous decade for fans of Blood Bowl. Since the collapse of the NAF, numerous exciting new leagues have sprung up and the face of the game has changed considerably. It seems that every week a new team has joined the circuit, bringing with it some new gimmick to surprise and delight the fans! And this season has been no exception. We're witness today to a clash between two new teams: the Bogenhafen Barons and the Thunder Valley Greenskins. Squads that no one had even heard of just a few short months ago, but who now stand poised on the brink of greatness!"

  • "That's right, Jim. Joined as they are by two sporting megastars, Griff Oberwald and Varag Ghoul-Chewer, we can be assured that, new though these teams are, we're in for a classic grudge match!"

  • "Indeed, Bob. This game is sure to be one to remember!"