League and Exhibition Play



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for the season ahead. Should the league commissioner XtZ " can re draft an existing team as described on page 83.

If the league contains enough teams, the league commissioner may wish to divide them into two, three or four divisions. Each division should contain as equal a number of teams as possible, but a division should have no fewer than four teams. The larger the divisions are, the longer a season will last. The teams can be split however the league commissioner decides, but drawing team names out of an upturned Dungeon Bowl helmet (or similar receptacle) is most traditional. Once the divisions have been split, the season can begin!


uring a season, each team plays two 'league fixtures against each other


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with a brand new team, many more like to develop a favourite team over several season building that team's legend over time and telling the sto ' of fan favourites who dedicate their career to their tea The following rules enable coaches who wish to re-dX team from one season into the next to do so


Between seasons, there is a period of downtime called the 'off-season break'. Coaches and their players rest and recuperate, spend their hard-earned gold, or go on elaborate tours to promote the latest edition of their increasingly unbelievable autobiographies.

After the finals have been played, any coaches who wish to re-draft their team for the next season should get together with the league commissioner and run through the following steps:

\ 2.

R&RDuring the off-season break, players have time to recuperate from their injuries. Therefore, any players that suffered a Miss Next. Game Casualty table result during the team's final game of the season will recover before the next season begins.

RAISE FUNDSWhen re-drafting, each team gets a Re-draft Budget of 1,000,000 gold pieces. This represents money doled out by the Magisterium, generous patrons and college alumni. A team that is re-drafting then adds to this anything they have left in their Treasury from the previous season, after which their Treasury is emptied (presumably having been used to cover the cost of the many 'unexpected' expenses that arise during the off-season break!). Finally, a team that is re-drafting adds the bonuses listed below.-

20,000 gold pieces for each game the team played last season (both friendlies and league fixtures). +20,000 gold pieces for each league fixture the team won last season.

SCOUTING: Players may be scouted by Blood Bowl teams, and leave the college for greener pastures - at least in theory...R&R: Players that would miss the team's next game recover.RAISE FUNDS: Coaches calculate the funds available to them to re-draft their team.RE-DRAFT: Coaches complete their new Team Draft list for the season ahead.\

League commissioners may, at their own discretion, place a cap of 1,300,000 gold pieces on the Re-draft Budget available to teams so that no team starts the season with too obvious an advantage.


During the off-season break, players that performe we across the season may be scouted by major Blood teams, sign a lucrative contract, and leave their co eg to seek their fortune in the big leagues. During this s 'oil a D6 for any players on your roster that have received any MVP awards. On the roll of a 6, player has been scouted and joins a Blood /

owl team. As compensation, your Dungeon C wl team gains an additional 20,000

'd pieces when they Raise Funds.

RE DRAFT --One the Re-draft Budget available has been worked out, the team can be re-drafted. A few key players will be able to return to the dungeon for the new season, whilst others will find themselves unceremoniously dropped and replaced with eager rookies to keep costs down. Those players that are dropped usually have the good grace to disappear quietly, either graduating, joining another team for their college, or realising that their dreams of glory simply won't happen, before joining a Blood Bowl team as sideline staff.

To re-draft your team, use a new Team Draft list and create a brand new version of your team using the Re-draft Budget available, as described on page 83. The following rules apply-.

Team re-rolls may be carried over from your previous Team Draft list at the cost shown on your team roster, or they may be let go.As well as hiring new players from your team roster, you can re-hire players from last season's Team Draft list. Players can be re-hired by paying their Current Value as shown on last season's Team Draft list, plus an administrative fee of 20,000 gold pieces for each previous season the player has taken part in.Simply copy the player's entire profile across from your old Team Draft list, including any Niggling Injuries, any characteristic reductions and any unspent Star Player points:

If the player has any Niggling Injuries, roll a D6 for each:- On a roll of 4+, some rest and relaxation has worked wonders. The Niggling Injury you are rolling for is removed.

On a roll of 1-3, the player's injury has not yet fully healed. The Niggling Injury being rolled for remains.



Additionally, players that temporarily retirecTdiirmgThe " last season can be re-hired as described previously by paying the cost shown for them on that season's Team Draft list. Hopefully, the time off has helped them to recover from their injuries:

  • After the player has been re-drafted, roll a D6 for each characteristic reduction they have suffered.-

On a roll of 4+, some time off and some intensive therapy has done the job and the characteristic is restored. However, such injuries often leave their mark and the player will gain a Niggling Injury.On a roll of 1-3, the player's injury has not yet fully healed. The characteristic reduction being rolled for remains.Note that if the player has suffered more than one characteristic reduction, you should roll for each separately.


fter the excitement of the play-off season and the thrill of the finals, the obvious question from most coaches is: when's the next season starting?

The answer, as ever, is up to the league commissioner. Starting a new season is as easy as following these three steps:

The league commissioner establishes who will be taking part in the next season. This is a good chance for coaches to step down from the league if they're struggling to find the time to play, and it's an ideal opportunity for new teams to join in the fun.Each coach who is taking part in the new league season submits a Team Draft list.Teams are divided into divisions (if necessary) and dates are set. The season begins anew!

U-- nfortunaU not everyone is able to commit to the time reouir«f(n, c Coaches may not live close to their gaming friends, worked fam , t 18*' contrive to keep us away from our hobby, meaning that often we al, "* occasional stand-alone game when time permits. Such stand-atore games am L "!£"* "* ga'- 2S " n ?"" to miSS "* " "* \<" "Y aspects tf to £ ibifiOn appear to be designed for league play; it is possible to create teams for exhiWfion gamJX. .an. extra Skills, characteristic improvements and access to weird and wonderful Induremeto tom is a M of fun to be had in creating a team for an exhibition game, deciding what will be included and X will be left out, choosing Skills, creating names and backstories for to players, and so on.***


The following pages offer a set of guidelines for creating exhibition play teams. Coaches who wish to use these rules for a game should decide between themselves on the details. This section also aims to provide guidance to anyone wanting to run a Dungeon Bowl tournament, as these rules will help create more interesting teams for participants to use, which in turn will enhance the experience for everyone involved.


his section deals with how to create a team for an exhibition game. For the most part this is exactly the same as creating a team for a league, right down to using the usual team rosters and completing a Team Draft list. However, there are some distinct differences to be aware of:

iWoSn.hes should have more gold in their Team Draft Budget, ailowing them to include more of the options that normally only become available later on in a league.

The Team Draft Budget for exhibition play should be somewhe or tournament

We have found that 1,150,000 gold pieces is an ideal size. Large P force hard chojces t0 be made organisers wish, but it is worth bearing in mind that sma er ea having troth as it adds to the

Sometimes, having to choose whether to include one thing or the other rs better challenge of the experience. . .. o

, am is drafted for exhibition play, all of the gold pieces m the Team However, it is important to note that when a te

Draft Budget must be spent. Any gold pieces not spen a Inducements purchased.

A Team Draft list will need to be completed forIX mX'r ePP-nts can see cieady what This is especially important when attending a ung


-- 'drafted for exhibition play- should select their " from theTeanf Draft Budget and make a

tails all of the players available to a team their firing

I players you want to permanently hire for your team, P

record of the player on the Team Draft list. allowed by the team ros er.

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image128.png)EHASiNGTEAOERO u team re-7

Any team drafted for exhibition play can P drafted, for the c *very team may buy 0-8 team re-rolls when it is Team Draft Budget.


ZiiTi EXHIBITION PLAY 'e gold Plw« In ' m 0 fS must * spent when dr,ftlni' T

of 11 players.

Inducements purchased in this way should be recorded on the Team Draft list.

It two coaches are drafting teams for exhibition play between themselves, they should take a few minutes to discuss Inducements first. It is important to decide if there are any Inducements they feel should be included or any they would prefer to leave out.

Tournament organisers should decide which, if any, Inducements will be allowed and ensure this information is passed on to participants.



Unlike games played In a league, exhibition are not linked, Therefore players will not have the opportunity to earn and spend Star Player point/ In the same way, However, teams drafted for exhibition play should Include more than just rookies - having a few players with an extra Skill or two makes for a more Interesting game, To allow for this, exhibition teams are granted a number of SPP to distribute between players, meaning that some players can be given advancements when the team Is drafted.

FREE SPP How many SPP coaches have to distribute between their players varies. For example, you could grant each team 36 SPP to spend on advancements; this is a fair number and allows a good selection of advancements across a team.

However, this is only a guideline, and the number can be increased or decreased as desired. More SPP will enable more player advancements, fewer SPP will obviously allow for fewer player advancements.

If two coaches are drafting teams for exhibition play between themselves, they should take a few minutes to determine how many SPP they will have first. Tournament organisers should decide how many SPP participants will have and ensure this information is passed on to everyone.